puncheon1 [pun′chən]
[ME ponchon < MFr poinçon < VL * punctio < punctiare, to prick < L punctus, pp. of pungere, to prick: see POINT]
1. a short, upright wooden post used in a framework
2. a heavy, broad piece of roughly dressed timber with one side hewed flat
3. any of various devices for punching, perforating, or stamping; esp., a figured die used by goldsmiths, etc.
puncheon2 [pun′chən]
[LME pwncion < OFr poinçon, prob. < poinchon, var. of poçon, pot, small fluid measure, dim. of pot < VL potus: see POT1]
1. a large cask of varying capacity (72-120 gal), for beer, wine, etc.
2. as much as such a cask will hold

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